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Save our Streets!

Tired of watching our roads crumble to dust? Want to do something about it?
Sign up as a Street Champion and take back control 

The Save our Streets initiative has got off the ground! Under this program residents are working with City of Harare to try and repair streets in our Ward before they completely collapse. The initial efforts have focused on Shortheath Road and Addington Lane, and both of these have been substantially repaired.

Residents have provided roughly one third of the asphalt required, as well as transport. City of Harare has provided the labour, and the balance of the materials.


Fixing roads is an expensive undertaking and residents are not able to do this in any meaningful scale across the ward on their own, but hopefully the success of this program will inspire some more residents to get involved and fix what they can with City of Harare's help!

If you want to get involved, join us on the Road Task Group

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