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Take Responsibility! Take Action!

Harare is our city. The city where we work and play, where we will grow old and where our families have their roots. It is where our children will grow up and where we will show them how to be adults. For our families to flourish here, our city must be cared for, and its common goods cherished.

For too long, Harare’s public spaces have been neglected.  Their custodians have neither the capacity nor resources to maintain them. While many of us are distressed by the crumbling infrastructure around us, and the total disregard for planning and environmental by-laws, very few have tried to do anything about it. Our lives are intimately tied to these shared spaces and if we allow them to disappear, all our futures will be the poorer for it. Without concerted community action, Harare’s public infrastructure will one day soon lie abandoned and in ruins.

Building a better Harare will not come without cost. It will take great investments of time, energy and money to harness our collective wills and bring about change.  Many will complain that they already pay  taxes and rates for these services; others will point out that residents who don’t contribute will get a free ride. True – but if we yield to these arguments, nothing will ever get done. Harare’s beauty will fade away and we will retreat behind our walls and electric fences, growing ever more isolated from each other, our children leaving to build a better life elsewhere.

We want to put Harare on the path to a brighter future and we need your help to do it. We are going to plant trees and build playgrounds. We will collect litter and recycle. Paint kerb stones, unblock drains and fill in potholes. We will mount legal challenges against illegal development. We will do everything we can.

No one is coming to save us, but we are here, we are capable, and we can help ourselves. If we act together, and act now, it is possible.

 Anything is possible.

Join Us!

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